DIY Nordic Curl | Glute Ham Raise | Hip Thruster

I decided to build my own hybrid hip thruster device. Then decided a Nordic curl would be easy to add to the design. Let’s dive into the DIY Nordic Curl, Glute Ham Raise, Hip Thruster build.


3 2″ x 6″ x 8′ boards (cut to 2 16″ sections, 2 12″ sections, 1 2′ section, 1 20.5″ section, 3 3′ sections)
1 2″ x 4″ x 8′ board (cut to 3 2′ sections, 1 15″ section)
Small box of screws (2″ screws will work)


Start by laying 2 of the 2′ sections of 2x4x8′ boards next to each other. Then take the 3 3′ sections of the 2x6x8 board and lay over top of the previously laid 2′ sections. Lay each 3′ section next to one another, which should loosely make a T shape. Try to get these 3′ sections centered across the 2′ sections they are laying on. Once centered screw them in place. On the opposite end use 1 2′ section of 2x4x8 and screw on the underside of the 3 2x6x8 boards (this new board should be on the same side as the originally placed 2 sections of the 2x4x8 boards). Once screwed in place there should be an I shape.

Now flip the unit over so the 3 3′ 2x6x8 sections are on the bottom. You’ll take a 12″ 2x6x8 board and place on the outside of one side of the 3 3′ sections. This board should be sitting on top of the 2 2′ sections of 2x4x8. You’ll do the same on the other side of the 3 3′ 2x6x8 sections to start forming the base of the nordic curl portion of this device. Screw each 12″ board into place. Then take the 20.5″ board and place it over top of the 2 12″ boards you just screwed in place. This should make a small U or bench like area. Screw this board onto the 2 12″ sections.

Then, you’ll need to take the 15″ 2x4x8 section and place on the underside of the just placed 20.5″ board. You’ll need to angle drill this into place to hold it down. Unfortunately, the other way required more precision and this way worked well for me.

Moving on to the 2 16″ sections of 2x6x8. These will go on the outside of the 12″ sections you recently placed. Screw them down over top of the original 2 2′ sections of 2x4x8. For added stability you can also screw them to the 12″ sections next to where they sit.

Finally, you place the final section of the 2′ 2x6x8 board on top of the 16″ sections you recently placed. Screw them in place.

You now have a functional multi-purpose DIY piece of gym equipment. Be sure to use caution at all times during the building process.

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