My DIY Gym

DIY Home Gym Cable Pulley

This is just something quick I made after seeing a video on Brandon Campbell’s channel of a cable pulley system. I like to be thrifty so I headed down to the hardware store and got to buying. Let’s dive in to the DIY Home Gym Cable Pulley. Here is a pulley I made and I picked up all of the pieces from Menards. It required a 2 1/4″ wide U-bolt (my rack is 2″ wide steel). I also got a shank that allowed me to slip under the rack and onto the U-bolt. This was so that I could then attach the pulley to the shank. It also made it easy to swap out a pulley if needed. I wasn’t…

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DIY Nordic Curl | Glute Ham Raise | Hip Thruster

I decided to build my own hybrid hip thruster device. Then decided a Nordic curl would be easy to add to the design. Let’s dive into the DIY Nordic Curl, Glute Ham Raise, Hip Thruster build. MATERIALS NEEDED 3 2″ x 6″ x 8′ boards (cut to 2 16″ sections, 2 12″ sections, 1 2′ section, 1 20.5″ section, 3 3′ sections)1 2″ x 4″ x 8′ board (cut to 3 2′ sections, 1 15″ section)Small box of screws (2″ screws will work) DIY NORDIC CURL INSTRUCTIONS Start by laying 2 of the 2′ sections of 2x4x8′ boards next to each other. Then take the 3 3′ sections of the 2x6x8 board and lay over top of the previously laid…

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DIY Homemade Heavy Duty Workout Bench

This is a DIY Homemade Heavy Duty Workout Bench. I wanted to design something that was cost effective. Some pieces of the bench could be salvaged from other items at home (like the bench cover and padding, and possibly the wood itself). This bench is designed to meet the specifications of a powerlifting competition bench per USAPL standards. DIY Homemade Heavy Duty Workout Bench – Materials Needed 2 – 45 in 2×44 – 10.5 in 2×42 – 15 in 2×41 – 39 in 2×41 – 48 in 1×121 – 2’x4′ 1″ thick plywood (cut to 12 in wide).1 – box 2 3/4 deck screws2 – corner braces1 – yard pleather/polyester (preferably 50 in wide so the piece is at least…

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