How to build a deadlift jack

It’s time to learn how to build a deadlift jack. I found some details online and decided to put together a video and a detailed article. You can watch the video to follow along and/or check out the detailed article below.

Video correction: these are 3/4 inch pieces, video references a 1″ thickness. If you purchased 1″ pieces, that is completely fine and will work just the same.

How to build a deadlift jack – Materials Needed

1 – 3/4″ x 12″ galvanized pipe
4 – 3/4″ x 2.5″ galvanized pipe
4 – 3/4″ galvanized T pieces
2 – 3/4″ elbow joints

How to build a deadlift jack – Instructions

Start at the base with a T connector and attach (by screwing them together) the 12″ pipe to the middle hole in the T connector. Then attach the second T connector to the other end of the 12″ pipe. These T connectors should point in opposite directions of one another. Working from this same end screw a 2.5″ piece of pipe to one side of the T connector. Then, screw another 2.5″ pipe to the other end of the T connector. Attach a T connector to one of the 2.5″ pieces of pipe and make sure that it is facing the same direction as the initial T connector you used. This will form the base of the deadlift jack.

Now let’s work on the top half of the deadlift jack. Let’s work from the other 2.5″ pipe you previously attached. You will start by attaching the last T connector to the 2.5″ pipe. This T connector should run parallel (in the same direction) as the longer 12″ pipe. Thread the elbow joints (the end with the threads) to the T connector and repeat for the other side of the T connector. These elbow pieces should be pointing up toward the sky.

Finally, you’ll attach a 2.5″ pipe to the other side of the elbow joint. Then, do the same for the other elbow joint. After this is all complete you should have a deadlift jack that looks like the still image in the video. From there you can wrap the top portion (where the barbell would sit inside) with electrical tape or duct tape to help protect the barbell.

Congratulations, you have successfully followed the How to build a deadlift jack article and video. You now have a DIY deadlift jack! Thank you for checking out the How to build a deadlift jack video.

These types of items are great around the gym and are fairly easy to pack up into a duffel. I have brought my deadlift jack to a commercial gym which got some looks, but most were curious how it was built. The concept to turn this into a larger deadlift jack just requires a longer lever. I can put together that video if there is enough interest. Feel free to drop a comment below. Questions can also be answered here, or click the “How to build a deadlift jack” video above to go to the youtube channel and ask there.

The more questions asked the better I can be at building items like this and other simple gym tools. It is part of how I came up with the My DIY Gym concept. Most items I had found at the time were more spec built or were in their infancy (ie not a high demand). This made the cost high and just not worth it for me. I looked around but couldn’t find a decent tutorial. I dissected a few photos and pieced that together with some partial build info.

I have seen some squat / power rack builds that look interesting but those make me a bit nervous. I don’t want to rely on something like that to not crush me. I think it could be carved from a redwood and I’d still be nervous.

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