BOTZEES GO Dinosaur Robot Review

Pumped is an understatement for this review. This is a STEM toy and my oldest is in robotics. This BOTZEES GO Dinosaur Robot Review helps get Oliver ready for robotics and I am so excited. Let’s dive in and check this out! Buy it with my Affiliate link: BOTZEES GO Dinosaur Robot Review – Amazon Description BOTZEES GO! Dinosaur Building Toys The dinosaur pack comes with 103 brightly-colored, soft-textured large blocks that feature rounded edges and unique shapes that encourage building and play. The kit also includes, 1 main control block and 1 controller. This dinosaur building set is made from high quality ABS – perfect for younger boys and girls! The stem dinosaur toy is wonderful Christmas gift…

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ProGearX Camera Tripod Review

It is time for a review on some photography / videography equipment. This is the ProGearX Camera Tripod Review. In it we dive into my current tripod and then this upgrade. My current tripod is a basic tripod that I thought lightweight was the way to go. Over time I saw issues with tipping and general offset or inaccuracy issues. That is why we bring in the ProGear X Camera Tripod Review. Buy it on Amazon: ProGearX Camera Tripod Review – Amazon Description Stable & Anti-Shake Aluminum Alloy – ProGearX Camera Tripod Review Camera tripod is made of aluminum alloy, and it is anti-shake and stable during use. Even in windy conditions , the aluminum tripod is still as…

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Breo Foot Massager Review

It is time for the Breo Foot Massager Review. I was extremely pleased with the neck massager so I feel the Breo Foot Massager review will be just as promising. Let’s dive in and see what happens! If you like the Breo Foot Massager Review, you can buy it here on Amazon using my affiliate link: code “BREOXMAS01” for 25% off! (Valid: Dec 1, 2022 – Dec 31, 2022): Breo foot massager comes with deep kneading, compression, scraping, rolling, heating functions. This reflexology massager can help stimulate the nerves and improve blood circulation to relax sore, tired, and achy feet after all day working or standing. GIFT VERSION – Breo Foot Massager Review The unusual present package includes…

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