Budget Basement Renovation Phase Two

This is the budget basement renovation phase two. I had the walls done as described in the previous video. They also painted them too!

Budget Basement Renovation Phase Two

Wall partitions began on Monday and then as that phase was nearing completion I started thinking about paint. I knew the contractor had his own commercial sprayer and decided to have him paint. This portion cost $1245 (so we have $30 + $4600 + $1245 + 2 rollers I already had for my gym floor paint prep).

I knew that if I painted I would rush the process or start seeing my flaws in the process. This could have been renting a sprayer, buying 15 gallons of paint 12 for walls and ceiling, and then priming the drywall (2 gallons).

I still need to have the electrical done to have the gym electrical separate from the common area. There will be 3 additional gym lights and 2 additional lights in the common area. There will also be a separate switch and light in the sump pump area. There will also be 4 additional outlets in the common area (price of materials and labor tbd as I have a friend who is an electrician).

Wednesday will be doing two coats of the Kilz 1-part Epoxy Acrylic. Then I’ll be moving in furniture and games. At a later date I’ll be installing vinyl floor in the common area. I’ll have to hand paint the walls and ceiling in the gym area due to all of the items being a large task to move out. Slow and steady wins the race. On to phase three, painting the floor!

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