Jailhouse Burrito GNC Edition

It’s more of an “underground” food, the term Hyphy food is out there as well. This one takes a strange spin on the classic jailhouse / prison dish. It’s time for the Jailhouse Burrito GNC Edition to get cut up. Buy the ingredients If you aren’t near a GNC, here are the links to buy these items from Amazon: Quest Chips – Amazon 12 count pack: Stick – Amazon 10 count pack: Ramen – Amazon 36 count pack: The Recipe You’ll need 1 pack of ramen, 1 bag of quest chips, and 1 ostrim stick. You’ll also need something to cut it with, so get creative! Be sure to save the baking dish, I mean the bag…

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Keto Burger with Portobello Mushroom Bun

Alright it is time to dive into the world of keto recipes! This is a Keto Burger with Portobello Mushroom as the bun. These mushrooms make for the perfect burger bun size.

I had the burger portion pre-made using some 85/15 ground beef that I cooked on the flat top that I had shown several videos ago on my channel. I topped those with some reduced fat cheese. I had to heat those back up for this recipe but I’m glad I did.

I sprayed down the mushrooms with non stick spray and tossed them in the air fryer at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. This was a straight guess on temp and time but they turned out amazing! I wouldn’t change a thing (well maybe a little Everything but the bagel to top the mushrooms). Outside of that I went with basic sauces for the burger (mustard/ketchup/light Mayo).

The mushrooms had the perfect level of moisture and made for the right bite through texture. I have found myself a win for future bunless burgers (especially since I love mushrooms). It would be tough to eat these if you didn’t like mushrooms. I’m sure there’s a way to minimize the mushroom flavor but for fans of mushrooms or even for just liking them this is a major win!

Side note, I thought it was spelled portabella (who else thought the same?)

Tender Quick – The Ultimate Smoke Ring Hack

It can’t be true? A cure all for smoke rings? Yes it is true and quite literally a “cure” all. Tender Quick is by Morton and it is suited for at-home meat curing. It’s that curing process that provides that precious smoke ring look. I have had trouble getting a smoke ring due to having an electric smoker. It just doesn’t quite get it done.