Budget Basement Renovation Phase Three

The project is nearing completion and I would say there are three phases left. Let’s check our budget basement renovation phase three.

Installing the flooring would’ve been quite time consuming as well as more of a spend on my credit card. I decided we will just start putting the furniture in for the time being.

Budget Basement Renovation Phase Three

Electrical ($500) – this is going to be 4 wall outlets, 2 light switches, and 5 lights. I am buying all of the materials from Home Depot. I am using a slightly larger gauge wire than is needing for the lights to save money (the outlets require a thick gauge but buying about what I need for each costs the same as one coil of wire. I also don’t have to meticulously calculate feet of wire needed).

Paint gym area ($200) – I am going to paint the walls and ceiling with the same white paint I used on the main side. I need to prime the drywall first and then start painting. I will roll it which will take more time but will help limit moving equipment.

Vinyl Flooring and wall & window trim – I have just shy of 700 square feet to cover. I can then install the trim. I will get the flooring and underlayment from LL Flooring. I will likely get the trim boards from Home Depot.

The Budget Basement Renovation Phase Three involved bringing things down that we had or picked up on Facebook marketplace. I did get a couple items from Amazon.

Couch – purchased from Wayfair a couple years ago.
Bean bag chairs – Christmas presents
Teepee – Christmas present
Basketball Game – Facebook Marketplace

Budget Basement Renovation Phase Three – Amazon Items:

Budget Basement Renovation Phase Three – Additional Info

The Smart TV was from Facebook and so were the foosball table and the basketball game (which everyone loves the basketball game. The two gaming systems are from my kids Grandpa and were Christmas presents. I wanted to have the option to turn the electrical off when I am away as a just in case measure so I purchased the smart plugs. The TV needed to be mounted and I found the one linked above to have good reviews. The end tables and TV stand were more of a “I need to get some finishing touches done, so what looks ok” and I landed on the Furinno ones.

The pendant lights I trimmed the cord some so they would be uniform but the cord length was 48″(I believe so they could hang low if needed). The rugs were approved by my wife and were fairly cost affordable as locally I couldn’t find any decent deals. Used rugs could suffice but then there is the need to clean and issues with any snags or stains. The lights were the most tedious and I wanted Multicolor but the color is so dim when I choose daylight as the setting. I landed on these ones just to keep it bright and need less light fixtures.

There you have it, the Budget Basement Renovation Phase Three. Stay tuned for more!

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