Budget Basement Renovation Phase One

This is the budget basement renovation phase one. I needed to get my boards painted that serve as the dampening surface for noise. The next portion will be the wall partitions.

Budget Basement Renovation Phase One

This phase was basically a gallon of black paint that is a paint and primer ($30). I will end up using an old black sheet for the surface underneath my home gym workout machine. I wanted a surface that is somewhat thick but also breathable. I don’t want any sort of condensation issues.

The wall partitions may limit some of the efforts of the dehumidifier so I want to know how that will work before changing it out. It also may serve as a long term surface but saying I used a sheet on the floor makes it sound like I was going for bare minimum effort.

Wall partitions begin on Monday and that will be done by a contractor. It ended up being more expensive than anticipated but I tend to go for cheap and that has its drawbacks. I also want it done and going for the cheapest means the possibility of waiting months for quotes.

The next issue is that I’d have to circle back to a busy contractor to then get scheduled. Long story short is this is how much it would cost for quality work and I would likely get more expensive quotes as well as lower ones and still end up here. This part of framing, cutting some portions down, finish work (drywall/mud/sanding/etc), and minor electrical is $4600. Again, totally worth it from someone I trust.

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