LiftingLarge Economy Lever Belt Review

I am reviewing all of the new items I received as of my recent check of the IPF approved equipment list. Here is the LiftingLarge Economy Lever Belt Review video. Read more about the belt and my thoughts below.

Get the 13mm here:
Get the 10mm here:
(Alternate 10mm option as the LiftingLarge option link seems to be broken)


Amazon Description

Lever Powerlifting Belt Chrome Lever Buckle (one year warranty) 4 inch wide belt ~13 mm thick Black suede inside and out. No logos on the outside of the belt Heavy Duty Stitching that will takes years and years of abuse.

  • Chromed lever buckle with 1 year warranty
  • 13mm thick x 4 inches wide – Heavy duty stitching
  • Black suede inside and out – No logo on the outside of the belt
  • Excellent core support for powerlifting, weighlifting and crossfit training

My thoughts

It was my first lever belt ever and when you experience a lever belt for the first time, it can take some adjusting. First, if it’s too tight you’ll know right as you close up the lever. Second, breathing just feels different in the belt but once you adapt to that it is incredible. I really enjoy the lever because it is easy to get in and out of once you’ve adapted. I felt the belt provided a solid level of security for me. It did take some time to break the belt in and other than bending it back and forth for forever, it will just take some time (and a decent bit of daily use) to break it in.

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