Eneru RayPong Review

It’s time to introduce the coolest game I have seen in a very long time. This is the Eneru RayPong review. We are reviewing this Eneru Toy 1D game console toy with dazzling LED lights.

Let’s dive in, but if you want to check it out on Amazon, get it here: https://amzn.to/3AHUVom

Eneru RayPong Review – Amazon Description

Eneru 1D Game Console Toy with Dazzling LED Light, Light Rope Game for Players Battle, Family Party Game Toys for Kids & Adults

Multiple Game Modes

As the 1-Dimensional game console, RAYPONG gathers the innovative ideas and continuous practice of Eneru team. The light rope pong has 5 game modes, each represented by different light. This avoids a dull gaming experience. Each mode requires agile reflexes, which effectively allow children to exercise and experience the joy of victory.

Multiplayer Interaction

The toy light bar has single-player mode and double-player mode. You can interact with your family members in the game. Two people can play PK at the same time, and the display screen will automatically record the score. Add fun to your family party.

Easy to play

You only need to press the switch button to switch game modes and press the handle button to complete the game operation. The RAYPONG is the console for easy-to-play games that still involve mastery.

Long battery life

The battery capacity is 1800 mAh. The charging time takes 4-6 hours, and a single charge can provide 6-8 hours of game time. The battery has automatic overcharge protection, so there is no need to worry about battery life.

Eneru RayPong Review

Eneru RayPong Review – What is RAYPONG?

RAYPONG is the 1-dimensional game console as you’ve never seen it before. RAYPONG‘s games are programmed on a line. Immerse yourself in the game in the dark with awesome lighting effects. Whether you’re playing solo or challenging with a friend, it’s got you covered. Whether at home or outdoors, it can keep you entertained. Bring your 6 and 100, family and friends to play it!

Eneru RayPong Review – Multiple Game Modes Charging mode (single or double available)

Control the distance that the white light point pops out by pressing the time on the main handle. If the white light hits the blue light group, you will win and add 1 point.

Eneru RayPong Review – Moving target (single or double available)

By clicking on the main handle, keep the white light spot that flows repeatedly on the blue light group, and you will win and add 1 point.

Eneru RayPong Review – Pingpong mode (2 players only)

Players on both sides press their own handles, and the flowing red light will bounce toward the other side as they press the handles. The closer the red light is to the handle, the faster it bounces. If the red light reaches a player’s handle, the opponent wins.

Eneru RayPong Review – Bullfighting mode (2 players only)

The blue and white lights represent one side respectively, and the players on both sides can win by letting the blue light or white light reach the opponent’s handle by pressing the speed of the handle.

Eneru RayPong Review – Snake mode (single only)

Quickly press the handle to turn the blue light into green light before the white light reaches each blue light group, you will win.

There you have it, the full breakdown, so don’t miss out and grab one today. You won’t regret it, especially for some amazing family fun!

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