How much does a home gym cost?

After receiving a question about my home gym, I decided to do a video to show handle the question; how much does a home gym cost? I also explain added costs for accessory items.

Get Started: How much does a home gym cost?

Before we get to the full list let’s breakdown needs and wants. First, you need something to hold the weights you’ll be using. Yes, that will be some form of a power rack, but before that it starts with a barbell. The barbell is going to be your base because it’s versatile and less costly than several pairs of dumbbells (or kettlebells). Then, you’ll need added resistance and this could come from resistance bands, but those are more difficult to add to a barbell (not too difficult, but not as easy as weight plates). This is where weight plates come in to play as the next item. You’d follow that up with a decent power rack and a simple weight bench to round things off. The rest becomes secondary.

Why? Because there is depth needed beyond these essentials. That depth makes it secondary to the core essentials. That means a supportive workout belt to make sure you are bracing properly for heavier and heavier weights. Wrist wraps to ensure your wrists stay protected. J Hooks tend to allow for more weight to be added to the bar and can maintain that load securely. You’ll end up wanting some form of collars or clips to help ensure the weights stay on the barbell and don’t accidentally slip off. Resistance bands can be an additional level of resistance to help as you purchase more weight plates. They also add more elastic energy to the bar to help increase the load at the max distance allowed by your body in a given lift (this means there is the most tension on the band at that point which would be the most resistance provided by the bands during the lift). I rounded that off with a curl bar, because everybody loves a decent set of biceps (and it has a high level of versatility and can ease wrist pain for the lifts performed).

The remainder is optional and the items listed below are my options to add. Preacher curl bench was added oddly because I prefer to use it for seated military press. Hyperextension for lower back work and to make sure the posterior chain gets balanced work. I LOVE dips so a dip belt is essential to my ego. A slingshot by Mark Bell to help ease my shoulder pain and handle more weight. The hip circle helps make sure my hips remain strong given I’ve been dealing with back and hip pain for a few years.

Now, the list (and links):


These items are going to make sure you can get to lifting weights at home.

Flat Bench:
$50 Flat Bench on Amazon:
(Alternate in stock 5-9-2020:
Power Rack:
Weight Plates:


These items are going to add just a little extra to add safety as well as to add some additional secondary movements.

Lever Belt:
Contraband Wrist Wraps:
J-Hooks (holds heavier weights):
LockJaw Collars:
Contraband Resistance Bands:
Curl Bar:


These are the flare items that aren’t 100% necessary but I’d deem as definitely worth the addition to your home gym setup.

Preacher Curl Bench:
Hyperextension/Roman Chair:
Dip Belt:
Mark Bell Reactive SlingShot:
Mark Bell SlingShot Hip Circle:

I would also be scouring the Facebook Marketplace and other re-sale sites to pick up things like weight benches, racks, barbells, and the like. Big items can generally be re-sold and hopefully you made some money on that deal to continue upgrading.


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