How to properly clean Sling Shot knee sleeves

Here is what I have found works best for cleaning my Sling Shot knee sleeves. As always, proceed with caution and care when cleaning your sleeves so they don’t get destroyed. Let’s dive in to how to properly clean Sling Shot knee sleeves.

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The Sling Shot Sport Knee Sleeves are thinner and more pliable! Since they’re not bonded to some of the stiffest material in the World like the STrong Sleeves, you have freedom for variation in your workout. The flexible material provides warmth, support and allows for easy on and off.

  • IPF Approved
  • Stretch Fabric Perfect For Dynamic Movements
  • Provides Warmth & Light Compression
  • Easy On And Off For Any Strength Level
  • All Day Comfort


Here at Sling Shot, we wanted an everyday knee sleeve that we could use for any type of workout. Whether you’re lifting, playing a sport, or even going for a run – we got you covered. After going through iterations and taking feedback from our athletes, we created the Sling Shot Sport Knee Sleeves. Comfortable enough to wear all day while giving your knees that extra bit of protection that you need, Sling Shot Sport Knee Sleeves are made with a more flexible and pliable material. It’s now easier than ever to slip into a sleeve of warmth and support with the new easy on-and-off Sling Shot Sport Knee Sleeves.


Knee sleeves add warmth and compression, aiding in pain relief by increasing blood flow + reducing swelling during and after your workouts allowing you to recover faster from your training.


Knee sleeves add stability to your lifts by creating kinetic awareness and limiting patellar movement. Sleeves provide your body awareness, cueing for your knees and neighboring parts of the body keeping you in a better position during a lift.


Let’s face it, we all want to be as agile and active for as long as possible. Longevity is key. Adding compression and warmth to your knees helps take the stress away from the joints allowing you to provide more blood flow + recover faster, keeping you healthy + STrong.


Added stability and rebound out of the hole in combination with consistency creates confidence under tension. Build confidence under maximal weights knowing your knee sleeves can keep you protected + pain free.

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