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This Heavy Duty Bench is sold by Barbells4me (aka Atlas) on Amazon. This is my heavy duty flat weight bench review after around 1 full year of use with this bench. I found it after doing a search for heavy duty flat bench. Let’s find out if it’s ACTUALLY heavy duty.

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Amazon link for this bench: (Seems to be forever out of stock)

Heavy Duty Flat Weight Bench Review – Amazon Description

The FEIERDUN Multi-purpose Weight Bench is built to support up to 800 pounds. Made of a durable, solid steel frame with high-density foam, our weight bench can keep your body secured during workouts. This multi-functional bench can perform a range of exercises to target specific muscle groups in a compact space. Especially the padded rollers provides a comfortable perch for legs to support proper form during leg exercises. It will be perfect for dumbbell and other strength training exercises.

Comfortable Padding

Comfortable high-density foam padding secures body firmly and reducing muscle fatigue. during workout.


With 5 different back adjustments allows flat, decline, incline.(From -45 to +90 degreesThe seat can also be adjusted in 3 different positions to fit various users. Easier to find the perfect position for your workout needs. The seat bench dimensions is 10.24“ * 16.73″and the backrest bench dimensions is 10.24″ *31.5″

882 lbs Weight Capacity

Unique triangular support structure can support incredible strength.

Solid Construction

Sturdy frame construction built with 50mm x 50mm Thicken supported stainless steel pipe


  • Heavy Duty 3″ x 3″ steel frame bench. Bigger, stronger, more features, lower price.
  • High density pad measures 46″ Long x 12″ Wide x 2.65″ Thick. More support than others
  • Bench Pad height (floor to top of pad) 17″. Comfortable height for heavy lifting.
  • Commercial quality with optional handle and wheels for easy movement. Weighs 40 lbs.
  • Carolina Fitness not an authorized seller. Most features and HD build for the money.

My Take

The bench was able to withstand quite a bit of use as it was my main bench for several years. The handle made it quite convenient to wheel around and easily get in place. The pad was thick and dense which allowed for comfort when benching heavy. It was also the specs needed for benching in the USAPL / IPF.

The only downside was the bench wasn’t really tacky which means it wasn’t easy to stay locked in place during a competition style bench press. This was overcome by using 2 resistance bands running along the length of the bench.

I also liked that the bench was somewhat light in weight. I don’t want to say lightweight for some reason, because it sounds like it can’t handle heavy loads. The key piece here is it was easy to move around. A heavy bench can let you know that the bench will be durable and last forever.

The issue with that is that it can be difficult to move around (especially if you have mats to move it on and off the mats). It was just something to note, especially as you compare benches and their spec weights. This is a tell tale sign that the bench is going to feel like it’s made from heavy duty (thicker gauge) steel or lighter weight steel.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this bench. It was one of my first purchases of home gym equipment and was a great find. I hope at some point the seller brings it back to Amazon. Until then, I will keep the links updated with available, similar versions. Thank you for stopping in to check out the video and as always remember to keep pushing!


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