DIY Home Gym Cable Pulley

This is just something quick I made after seeing a video on Brandon Campbell’s channel of a cable pulley system. I like to be thrifty so I headed down to the hardware store and got to buying. Let’s dive in to the DIY Home Gym Cable Pulley.

Here is a pulley I made and I picked up all of the pieces from Menards. It required a 2 1/4″ wide U-bolt (my rack is 2″ wide steel). I also got a shank that allowed me to slip under the rack and onto the U-bolt. This was so that I could then attach the pulley to the shank. It also made it easy to swap out a pulley if needed. I wasn’t able to find a swivel pulley, but would have preferred a swivel pulley (I could’ve done away with the shank at that point).

I bought a 20′ section of insulated/coated wire rope. I also bought a wire clamp so I could make the initial loop for where you will then attach a carabiner to then attach your favorite pulley accessory (rope, v-bar, etc). I slipped the unlooped end of the cable through the pulley and then tried to make sure it was long enough so it would hang about 12″ from the floor. This is really going to depend on how much weight you can use on your pulley. If there’s less weight to be used, you’ll want the cable to be longer. If you are using a lot of weight, you’ll want less cable. I then looped the other end and put a wire clamp to lock that in place. You will then put another carabiner on that loop. This will allow you to either slip weights on a chain or rope or something that can be adjusted for adding and removing weights.



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