DEERC Remote Control Car Review

It’s time for the DEERC Remote Control Car review and I am so excited. I had a similar car a few years ago and loved it. It met an early demise when my son stepped on it accidentally. The good news, is it is similar and it’s slated to go around 12 mph. Let’s put it through the paces!

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I am a huge RC fan, however I also am a dad which means that hobbies can get side stepped. It’s great that this hobby tends to work well with my kids. Let’s dive into the details!

DEERC Remote Control Car Review – Amazon Description

-Long Driving Time: Large capacity 2 x 3.7V 300 mAh rechargeable batteries for car. Each battery can be played about 30 minutes and it is fast to charge with USB cable. 200 % fun from 2 batteries. Enjoy the exciting and prolonged driving experience.

-Incredibly High Speed: Powered by 2 strong motors, this rugged RC crawler can reach a maximum speed of 20 KM/H (13 mph). Responds to the control quickly and precisely. Brings fast and amazing moment to kids and toddlers. Best choice for any level monster RC trucks lovers.

-Powerful Remote Control: With 2.4GHZ radio control, two or more RC drift vehicles can be racing at 80 meter long distance without signal interference. Pistol grip style transmitter makes it maneuvers forward, backward and turns fastly. Enables your kids and their friends to play and sharing together.

-Upgraded Durable Design: This racer car is equipped with rubber tire, anti-collision head, shock absorber which give support to running on different terrains. Such as, mud, grass, sand, highway…1/22 full scale with strong car body, crash poof and two seats make it a racing real off road car model.

-Reliable Gift for Kids: The RTR micro car can be played on at any occasion, such as party, picnic, hike, travel etc. Easy to handle and fun for indoor and outdoor. Great electric toy car gifts for experienced RC enthusiasts adults or your kids’ first hobby rc car!

2.4G Remote Control

Equipped with anti-interference 2.4G remote control, the control range can be up to 80m. Multiple people are supported for simultaneous driving. Good choice for family and friends.

Long Driving Time

Offered with 2 rechargeable Li-Po batteries, this off road car can run about 60 minutes in total. 2 batteries for 200% fun. Easy to charge. No let’ battery life deduct the enjoyment.

Trimmer Function

When the car moving to the right side, we can turn the trim knob at the bottom of the car body until RC car go straight. No fear of losing direction control to avoid unexpected accident.

Rubber Tire

Come with high toughness tires, this remote control racing car can drive various terrain freely, like road, mud and sand…Let you immerse in the perfect driving for a long time.

Anti-crash Head

The head of the car is modeled with a baffle to prevent collisions on hard edges, furniture, walls and protect the car body for durability purposes.

Shock Absorber

4 tires fitted with special spiral spring to absorb the vibration caused by the bump on the rough road. Separated suspension design make the car company of you longer.

Specification: Battery :

  • 2* 3.7V 300mAh batteries
  • Charging Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Play Time: 60 mins for 2 batteries
  • Remote control Distance: About 265ft (80m)
  • Remote Control Battery: Needs 3 AA batteries
  • Charging Mode: The red light turns on when connected to power supply; light turns off when charging, and turns on again after fully charged.

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