Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps Review & PR

Contraband Sports is an ever growing brand on Amazon. I decided to do a Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps Review. I received 2 versions: heavy and medium. Watch the video for an in-depth look at the wraps and then putting them to the test with a PR! Get your pair here:

Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps Review – Amazon Description

The Contraband Black Label 1001 Classic Wrist Wraps are a professional grade economically priced wrist wrap designed to support the wrist during weight lifting exercises. Designed in 18inch, 24inch, and 36inch lengths as well as four different tension strengths including EXTREME, HEAVY, MEDIUM, and LIGHT.

Package Contents

2 wraps are included in each package, 1 Left and 1 Right, wraps are specifically designed for use on the left or right wrist.

Intended Use

Designed for weight lifting, powerlifting, strongman, bootcamps and any activity you might need wrist support. Perfect for bench press, squats, olympic lifts, military press, tire flipping, rowing and more. Pull the wrap tight for extra tension on heavier lifts and loosen up for lifter lifts so your forearm will still build strength.


Nylon/Cotton woven wrap with elastic inside for stretch.

Material Fit

One Size Fits All – We do suggest for larger wrists to start with the 24in wrap, for regular wrist sizes the 18in is a great starting point. The 36in wraps should be used in max weight sets. For competitive use, check with your league to confirm length restrictions and approval of Contraband Wraps.

Material Strength

Strength will depend on the tension ordered. See product images for a suggested tension to match your current weight on dumbbell press or bench press.

Care Instructions

The Contraband Black Label 1001 Classic Wrist Wraps can be placed into cold water with a light cleaning agent, allow to soak for 15 – 30 minutes. Place belt on a cool dry surface and allow to dry before using.

My Take

Overall I found the wraps to be very effective and I prefer the medium wraps for both comfort and support. The heavy wraps were a bit stiff for me but they are designed for lifters pushing weights heavier than I normally use. These wraps have stood the test of time since this write-up comes several years after the original video review. They are still holding strong today! Thank you for reading the Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps Review!


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