Deltech Fitness Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine Review

It’s time for the Deltech Fitness Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine review. I picked this one up on Amazon for around $200. I liked that it had a heavier duty look and some level of adjustment for the lower limbs. It would have been perfect if the back pad adjusted up for leg extension back support, but it was fairly cheap in price.

If you would like to purchase this, here is the link (to a comparable option since this has been out of stock for nearly 1 year): or

Amazon Description

The Deltech Leg Extension and Curl Machine delivers focused workouts on your quadriceps and hamstrings in the privacy of your home. Featuring hold-down grips on both the back and thigh pads for support and stability while you lift. The wide base design provides security while working out and the extra-thick, double-stitched pads allow comfort.

Leg Extension and Curl

Build your lower hamstrings, quads, and perform knee rehab with this leg extension / leg curl machine. Workout in leisure in the comfort of your home.

Comfortable Grips

Convenient grips are located at the top and bottom of the bench for sitting for leg extensions and prone during leg curls.

Standard Size Plate Post

1-Inch post for standard sized plates. An adapter sleeve can be installed for 2-inch Olympic plates (sold separately).

  • Isolates Quadriceps and Hamstrings Provides for Full Knee Extension and Flexion Adjustable Pads to Accommodate Leg Length Support Pads Position Knees in Proper Alignment Properly positioned handles for each exercise Designed for Olympic & Standard Plates Bushings for Smooth Operation
  • Deluxe 4″ X 8″ round pads.
  • Professional quality 3″ thick Seats
  • Size: 67″ x 26″ x 30″H – 80 lbs.
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