LiftingDad New Workout Program

It has been an all over the place last few months. It’s time to get you all up to speed on the life of LiftingDad. The LiftingDad new workout program is only part of my new vlog I want to get started.

This program is based off of Cody Lefever’s Jacked & Tan 2.0 program. I have been training for a number of years and I suggest any program be looked at as a template. The LiftingDad new workout program is based off the template laid out by Cody Lefever. It’s amazing that the content he has laid out is free so be sure to check out is swoleateveryheight blog.

This program is a modified to a 6 day workout program. It has two chest and back days along with two shoulder, back and arms days. These are mirrored (the exact same layout other than having the ability to do more reps on certain sets). Then there are two leg days but one is a bit less volume and is a different layout. The video shows this layout and I don’t want this to be something that I’m showing as my own (it would be borderline copyright concerns for me).

I needed to modify the program a bit in terms of the rep schemes as well because the focus is more geared toward powerlifting with bodybuilding. My goal is more strength focused along with bodybuilding but not pure strength (I don’t need one rep max as a focus at this stage in my life, too much soreness).

This may all lead to the possibility of me stepping on stage next year (I will be 40 next October which is crazy to me). I realized my youngest son has never seen me step on stage. My only issue is that being a dad, it’s difficult to drop $400 on one show (and I don’t have the drive to do multiple shows).

Here’s to the start of the new vlog! Reviews will also be coming through soon however the products I’ve got lately are not fitness related (patio heater, cordless ratchet, digital measuring tape. Some of these items have been provided in exchange for a review).

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