Jailhouse Burrito GNC Edition

It’s more of an “underground” food, the term Hyphy food is out there as well. This one takes a strange spin on the classic jailhouse / prison dish. It’s time for the Jailhouse Burrito GNC Edition to get cut up.

Buy the ingredients

If you aren’t near a GNC, here are the links to buy these items from Amazon:

Quest Chips – Amazon 12 count pack: https://amzn.to/2QBtOr9
Ostrim Stick – Amazon 10 count pack: https://amzn.to/1q902H3
Top Ramen – Amazon 36 count pack: https://amzn.to/1q90bKB

The Recipe

You’ll need 1 pack of ramen, 1 bag of quest chips, and 1 ostrim stick. You’ll also need something to cut it with, so get creative! Be sure to save the baking dish, I mean the bag the quest chips came in. Also, a towel, shirt, or some other item for helping heat this up when done (it’s a jailhouse burrito, so you should’ve already been alarmed). You’ll also need a cup of hot water.

You’ll start by crushing up the ramen while still in the bag, and the same goes for the quest chips. Then, slice up the ostrim stick to whatever size bites you prefer.

Then, add all the items to the Quest chips bag. Slowly top with the water until everything is coated (it doesn’t need to be saturated). Slowly work the water into the mix and try to squeeze the bag to work it in. Set the bag down on a surface to carefully roll the bag up. You’ll roll from the bottom up (like rolling up a burrito).

After that you will then wrap the burrito in whatever towel or shirt you had grabbed. This then gets placed under something (usually under a mattress and then sat on) and that allows the water to absorb. People usually play a game of cards before opening it up to eat. Some people actually serve this up on a plate, but it’s easier to grab a fork and eat out of the bag.

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