Cokunst Portable Blender Review

The portable blender is becoming more and more popular, especially for Tik Tok quick and easy smoothies. The Cokunst Portable Blender Review is on deck and we are going to put it to the test. Side note, at some point I will try that Wendy’s Frosty recipe at home using this style blender.

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Cokunst Portable Blender Review – Amazon Description

Large Capacity and Easy to Clean

This shake blender has large capacity of 18oz (530ml). The lid, mixing jar and base can be separated for easy cleaning.

Powerful and Built-in 6 Blades

The smoothie blender is not only equipped with a 20,000rpm speed motor and rechargeable Type-C port, it also built in 6pcs ultra-sharp 304 stainless steel blades to make shakes and smoothies easier and faster.

Cokunst Portable Blender Review – Safety Protection Function

When the mixing jar and the base are tightened, blend jet blenders will start to operate by double-clicking the button. When they are not tightened or separated, the machine will not operate.

Easy to Use

This is a one-touch operation bottle blender, put in the ingredients, tighten the mixing jar and base, double-click the button, after which you can get delicious drink. Each indicator light represents 25% of the power.

Cokunst Portable Blender Review – Portable Blender

This travel blender has a built-in 4000mah 7.4V powerful battery and features a sports mouth and snap-on lid design, making it easy to carry and not easy to leak. It is suitable for: home, kitchen, travel, fitness, sports, and camping.

Prompt Light

  • Slowly flashing: charging
  • The lights are all on and not flashing: fully charged.
  • Fast Flashing: Double click to start when the bottle and base are not tightened. Or when the blender stops operating suddenly.

Easy to Clean

Method 1: Add 80% water, double click to clean automatically.

Method 2: If the stain is strong,remove the lid & Jar from the base, clean with the included brush. Do not let water enter the charging port when cleaning.(Be careful not to touch the blade with your hands!)

Cokunst Portable Blender Review – Specifications:

  • Jar Material: PCTG material
  • Rotation Speed: 22000 RPM
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Blade Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Charging time: about 3hours
  • Working Current: 10-18A
  • Motor Model: 7.4V

Cokunst Portable Blender Review – How To Use:

Step 1:

One click the button to check power status.

Cut fruit into 6 inch small pieces, and demold ice cubes. (Please use the included Blue Ice Cube Tray! )

Step 2:

Pour in the small pieces, ice cubes and liquid.

Small pieces and ice cubes to liquid ratio: 20%:60%. (Not exceeding the Max line! ).

Step 3:

Make sure the blender is closed.

Double click button to startup, press the lid of the drinking spout and hold blender upside down for 1-2 seconds, then turn it back and shake it gently.

Step 4:

Stops automatically after 40 seconds.

Pour into the cup to drink if drink is sticky or you can drink directly through the drinking spout if drink is watery.

Cokunst Portable Blender Review – Attention

  1. Please keep the product away from children and the mentally ill.
  2. Please charge at least once a month, otherwise the blender will be damaged and not working.
  3. Please do not put the base into the refrigerator or water, otherwise the battery will be damaged.
  4. This product is exclusive for juice making, not suitable for blending hard objects such as meat, nuts or beans.
  5. The blender can’t be disinfected by microwave or hot water above 50°C, otherwise the accessories will be deformed.
  6. Please do not use the steel ball, corrosivity cleanser or dishwasher to clean the blender , otherwise the elements will be damaged.

Cokunst Portable Blender Review – Troubleshootings, contact seller support for further solution!

Not Working

  1. Not charged over a month. — The battery is damaged.
  2. Low power — Click the button Once to check power status. When the power is less than 25%, please charge it.
  3. Unable to charge — Connect charging cable included with the product and cell phone charging plug for charging.
  4. The bottle and base is not tightened. — Turn the bottle to the left and spin it into the base until the light flashes.
  5. The fruit or ice cubes content of the added stuff is over 80%. — Remove some of fruit or ice cubes, then use it normally.
  6. Bottle was installed incorrectly. — Re-screw the bottle into base and align one of the two Down Arrows on bottle with COKUNST logo on the base.
  7. Blades get stuck in hard objects. — Double click the button to restart, press the lid of the drinking spout and hold blender upside down for 2-3 seconds, then turn it back and shake it gently.


  1. Added stuff exceed the MAX line. — Take out some stuff until below the MAX line, then use it normally.
  2. The lid is screwed too tightly causing the inner silicone ring to roll up. — Unscrew the lid, re-tighten the lid and do not tighten it too much.

If none of the above solutions can solve the problem, please contact the seller for processing.

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