When Your 4 Year Old Helps Stretch

It’s adorable watching when your 4 year old helps stretch. The little guy tried with all of his might to help me stretch. It’s ideal to thoroughly warmup the body prior to heavy lifts. The band can help add an all new level of stretch.

My son has always been interested in what I do so it was awesome to have him help out. He is always by my side when I workout and the little extra push helped out. He is the reason I started my channel (LiftingDad).

4 Year Old Helps Stretch – Side Note

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF stretching) is a form of stretching that can really help increase the stretch (length) of the muscle during the stretch.

PNF stretching relies on stretching a muscle to its limit and then a bit further. This is through a repetitive bout of stretching with a slight relaxation before furthering the stretch. The inverse myotatic reflex, a protective reflex that calms the muscle to prevent injury. This reflex gets a bit confused during PNF stretching allowing the muscle to relax a little and allows the person being stretched to get a little deeper into the stretch.

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