Yes4All Multi Grip Barbell Amazon Review

This is the Yes4All Multi Grip Barbell Amazon Review. It is a swiss barbell also know as a multi-grip barbell. These barbells are quite versatile and make it easier on your shoulders and wrist, especially for the bench press.

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Yes4All Multi Grip Barbell Amazon Review – Amazon Description


The multigrip bar is equipped with 6 different neutral and angled hollow grips for increased versatility and specific muscle groups targeting during lifting workouts. They also help relieve strains from your shoulders and wrists


28mm diameter knurled handle grips provide plenty of space for small to large hands, adding extra comfort.


Our hybrid bar has the ideal size to fit all 2” Olympic weight plates as well as standard Power Racks, great for beginners. Additionally, the bar’s 14” loadable sleeve length offers you tons of freedom.


Built to support up to 400lbs, this Swiss bar is designed for sustained stability and durability. Lightweight, with incredible weight capacity, it’s a great piece of equipment to accompany bench, curls, skull crushers and rows exercises.

1-YEAR WARRANTY AND 60-DAY RETURN: We offer a 1-year workmanship and 60-day satisfaction that ensure you have the best experience possible with our product.

Provides Extra Versatility

Our Swiss bar has 6 different grips (including 1 set of angled and 2 sets of neutral grips) to add variety to your barbell workouts. Additionally, it is designed to fit all Olympic weight plates, suitable for athletic strength and recovery training.

Reduces Injury Risks

The ergonomically positioned grips help prevent injuries usually caused by working with a regular barbell. Simply switch up grip positions until you find one that’s more suitable. The bar also comes with 2 extra barbell collars for increased safety.

Improves Lifting Performance

You can train specific muscle groups as well as incorporating a wide variation of isolation exercises with our hybrid bar, which can result in fresh gains and help overcome plateau.

Different Handle Grips

Equipped with 6 different knurled handle grips including neutral and angled grips, this hybrid bar offers versatility to your barbell workouts as well as reducing stress on your shoulders and wrists.

Durable Steel Construction

Made of heavy duty steel material with anti-rust black powder coating for maximum durability. Additionally, the bar’s 400lbs weight capacity adds strong support and sustained stability.

Barbell Collars Included

Comes with 2 additional T-Screw barbell collars to be used to keep your weight plates in place, helping to balance the barbell when lifting.

Get a grip on your fitness goals

A full time lifting lover, but a part time injury sufferer? Those shoulder and wrist pain are quite troublesome, right? Worry no more, because the solution lies with this handy invention: Yes4All Multigrid Barbell! Our Swiss bar and its multiple grips take away the stress and strains you receive during movements on a regular barbell while adding versatility to your barbell training.

Designed for durability and versatility

Made of heavy duty steel with anti-rust black powder coating capable of holding up to 400lbs of weight, our multigrid bar is designed for durability and stability. The bar comes with 6 knurled handle grips, including 1 set of angled grip in the center and 2 sets of neutral grips to add versatility to your barbell training while also reducing stress and strain on your wrists and shoulders. Plus, it is designed to accommodate 2” Olympic plates, perfect for athletes to improve their strength and fitness.

The must-have gym equipment

With 6 different handles allowing for 3 different positions, our bar provides a wide variety of grip options for barbell exercises such as bench pressing, overhead pressing, hammer curls and more. You can now do isolation exercises with incredible ease and comfort!

Benefits & Uses

Adds versatility to your barbell training with 6 handle grips Reduces stress on your wrists and shoulders as you switch grip positions Includes barbell collars for extra safety during barbell exercises Helps improve training performance and overcome plateau Perfect for isolation and muscle groups targeting exercises

WARNING: Consult your physician before commencing any exercise regime It’s recommended that you seek assistance from a qualified personal trainer before training 1-year and 60-day return.


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