Vasvarn Uzi Gel Shooter Review

It is time to check out an Orbeez gel ball shooter! This is the Vasvarn Uzi Gel Shooter Review that my kids and I put together. These are rechargeable battery toy guns.

Though these are toy guns, any similar item should be handled with the same care and precautions. As a general awareness component, Any activity involving firearms is potentially dangerous and it is vital to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions regarding safe operation. As a reminder this Vasvarn Uzi Gel Shooter Review is for informational purposes only.

These are rated for users aged 12 and older.

Vasvarn Uzi Gel Shooter Review – Check it out on Amazon:

Vasvarn Uzi Gel Shooter Review – Amazon Description

Title: Vasvarn Gel Shooter, Splatter Ball Blaster with Adjustable Stock and 40,000 Gel Balls, Electric Water Gun for Orbeez Gun Shooting Game Age 12+(Red)

Great choice for outdoor activities

Vasvarn gel ball blaster has a very strong shooting speed and stability. We’ve fitted an upgraded motor to this product for faster and more stable shooting. With a shooting speed of up to 160 FPS, it is the perfect choice for your outdoor activities!

Safe and fragile gel balls

The gel balls are made of high quality absorbent material. They have a water content of up to 95% after 3-4 hours of soaking. The gel ball is very fragile and will shatter on contact with an obstacle. What’s more, after shattering, the gel ball will disapper and you don’t need to clean it.

Stylish look

The outline of this gel ball blaster features a very classic shape. We have used water transfer printing technology to add a stylish graffiti skin to each gel ball blaster. Each gel ball blaster’s skin is unique. And it won’t lose its colour from impact.

The perfect gift

The gel ball blaster is perfect for children aged 12 and up. The perfect gift for a child, grandchild, niece or nephew for birthdays, Christmas, New Year and other holidays. It is also worth mentioning that an outdoor shooting game with the kids will make for a great parent-child interaction project!

Vasvarn Uzi Gel Shooter Review – What will you get:

  • 1x gel ball blaster
  • 40,000 gel ball
  • 1x pineapple bottle
  • 1x black fixing port
  • 1x 7.4V battery
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x protective glasses

The gel ball blaster is easy to assemble and disassemble as per the instructions.

High Performance Uzi Splat Gun – Perfect Splat Gun Gift for Kids

Vasvarn release a new Uzi splat gun adopts an upgraded motor and adjustable metal stock. 160 FPS and a range of 60 FT. The Uzi splat gun has a classic uzi look and a high capacity battery in the form of a magazine. Easier to install and remove! Now pick up the splat gun and enjoy the shooting experience!

Vasvarn Uzi Gel Shooter Review – Features:
Upgraded motor — faster shooting speed, more stable ballistics

Classic & Fashion — adopts classic uzi shape and graffiti skin

Magazine shape and high capacity battery — installation and removal more convenient

Adjustable stock — Improve shooting accuracy

A wide range of accessories — meet your daily needs

Magazine profile battery

The Uzi Splat Gun is equipped with a magazine profile battery, which is very easy to remove or install. The battery capacity is very large, reaching 1300Mah. Charging the battery about 3-4 hours , which can allow you to use it outdoors for a long time

Adjustable stock

The Uzi Splat Gun is equipped with an adjustable stock, which you can use as a shoulder support when unfolded, effectively improving the accuracy when you shooting gel ball.

Graffiti skin

The Uzi Splat Gun adopts the most stylish graffiti skin, made with water transfer printing technology. Each Splat Gun’s skin will never be exactly the same. The quality is so good that it’s hard to fade.

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