20 Minute Home Gym Workout – Chest and Back

It’s time for a 20 minute home gym workout. This is my 20 Minute Chest & Back Home Gym Workout. Here is a breakdown of how I can get in a high volume chest and back workout in around 20 minutes. 20 Minute Home Gym Workout – Video Breakdown Liftingfamily welcome back! There’s a lack of a hairdo this week but at the same time the plus is that I showered so that’s a win. I’ve noticed that I’m limited on time for different things. Even doing videos is becoming difficult because I have a job where doing videos isn’t necessarily something I can sneak in during the day. One of those things that ended up coming up was my…

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Chest and Back – Strength Modification Workout

The P90X Beachbody Workout Series is amazing! I wanted to put a twist on the program itself. I like the cadence of the workout DVD however I also like doing multiple sets of an exercise. In this video I show a complete Chest and Back Video with my own strength modification. This video is my own workout and is not something I am recommending for others. It is a means for me to follow along as I do my workout own routine versus watching the DVD. That way I can monitor progress along the way and note my progress from this point in my training. This s NOT a full P90X workout, please check out their selection of DVDs and…

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