RIP IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe

At just 30 years old, the world has lost IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe. It’s unfortunate to see another up and coming bodybuilder gone too soon. He was not only a bodybuilder but also a fellow LiftingDad given that he also was a father. RIP IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe.

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Luke Sandoe Short Bio

Luke Sandoe made his pro debut at the 2017 Arnold Classic where he took a respectable 8th place finish. It was from that point on that we all grew to love Luke Sandoe as a competitor and person. He missed the 2018 Arnold Classic but took home an impressive 3rd place finish at the 2019 Arnold Classic (and depending on your thoughts there, he could have won the show).

He was just 23 years old (in 2012) when he stepped onstage for the FIRST time and WON the show. In 2015, he took home the superheavy weight title at the UKBKK British Finals and won his IFBB Pro Card. Luke got picked up by RedCon1 as a sponsored athlete and really blossomed as an advocate for the sport. He took part in many different RedCon1 videos posted on youtube as well as an exclusive series launched through the popular NicksStrengthAndPower Youtube channel.

2020 was looking to be the year for Luke, but unfortunately that was cut short by a tragic loss.

RIP Luke, you will be missed.


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