Maestri House Milk Frother Review

It is time for the Maestri House Milk Frother review. I am very interested in trying some froth techniques for a Starbucks like iced coffee with cold foam. It’s time to dive in for this review and see what this product has to offer.

Maestri House Milk Frother Review – Website Description

Maestri House™ milk frother are the first machine in the world that can simultaneously adjust the temperature of milk and control the thickness of milk froth (such as cappuccino, lattice, Furuib and other different milk froth types

-Adjustable Temperature & Froth thickness
-Ease of Use Control Panel
-Anti-Stick Coating Inside Milk Pitcher
-304 Stainless Steel Build
-Overheat Protection
-Memory Function

Set Various Foam Thickness to Explore Exclusive Flavors
There are three foam thickness settings: Low Froth / Medium Froth/ High Froth. You can make a variety of coffee drinks such as Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, and many more.

Select the Perfect Temperature For your Coffee
Maestri House has offered 4 different temperature settings for your beverages. Ordinary Temp / 120°F / 140°F / 160°F. Using Explore diversity and exclusive flavors with Maestri House!

Smart Memory Function
The Maestri House milk frother comes with a memory function to store previous temperature and froth-type settings. The last thing you want to worry about for a busy morning is the routine frother settings for your drink. Lucky for you, MH frother has got this issue taken care of for you.

Huge Capacity and Clear Level Marks
Max level at 14.1oz/400ml, equivalent to 4 cups of lattes. Allows you to prepare enough airy and frothy drinks at once to share with your family and friends. The milk jug is marked with [minimum liquid level], [maximum frothing], and [maximum heating] scales, so you will operate safely and efficiently.

Boil Dry And Overheat Protection
The frother will automatically shut off to prevent the jug from overheating. Overheating may be caused by an empty jug, operating with milk below the MIN level scale, and consecutive frothing without cooling down the machine. Once the operating temperature exceeds the control range, the overheating protection will be activated and automatically shut down everything for your safety.

What’s in the package?
MMF9201 Milk Frother*1
User Pamphlet*1
Sponge Brush*1
Frothing whisk * 2
Heating whisk: Remove the spring from the frothing whisk.

We have prepared a few tips to optimize your product experience, hope the following information will be helpful to you!

For better result

1. Use fresh refrigerated whole milk (fat less than3 percent) for better froth richness.
Non-dairy milk does not produce as much froth as dairy milk.

2. Always use cold (about 39-43F) and fresh milk.

3. Do not fill exceeding the MAX mark

4. Pour the frothed milk as soon as possible for the best foam quality.
Frothed milk should not be reheated to prevent the overheat protection from activating.

For frothing non-dairy milk

1. we recommend using barista types of milk over plant milk for richer milk foam.
Plant-based milk generally does not foam as well as whole dairy milk, the froth result can not be guaranteed.

2. Generally, the foam is richer if there’s a higher concentration of protein, the froth thickness goes down like this:
Soy milk,Almond milk, Coconut milk, Rice milk, Cashew milk, Oat milk.

For effective heating

We recommend not to use the machine consecutively without letting it cool down in between.
Once the operating temperature exceeds the control range, the overheat protection will be activated and automatically shut down any operation until it is adequately cooled.

Additional Features

-Low Noise
-Auto Stop
-304 Stainless Steel
-Convenient Memory Function
-Temp Display & Indicator Light
-Ergonomic Handle

We are serious about coffee, and everybody knows that a delicious cup of coffee can’t be made without careful calibration of froth thickness and temperature. Maestri House pays a ton of attention to these details to make sure you can make a perfect drink yourself. With Maestri House frothers, we give you airy, silky, and creamy froths with absolutely no hassle. Simply pour in the milk, push the button, pour into your favorite mug, and enjoy your barista beverage!



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