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Alright it is time to dive in to a topic that I have found to be very rewarding. First the review and then we move in to the topic of how to make money online.

The website is focused on being a place where I can generate content related to the videos I post on youtube. It is also a place where I am able to house the videos I put up on youtube. This is also how I am able to start generating a revenue stream. These things do take some time, especially during the initial setup, but the rest is fairly straightforward.

First, you get a website host, like, and then you use their online tools to pull-in a WordPress website. There are many tutorials on getting things started, so I will save your time by having you check out videos related to WordPress website setup.

After that you can start building out your content and this is where my youtube videos have helped as a base. I can then write articles, reviews, or general descriptions with an overview of the video. Google then allows you to open an adsense account to place ads on your website. When people click those ads, you earn some income. As your website becomes more popular (via good content) you have the potential to earn more income. You can dive further into this with things other than Google ads, but those ads are an easy starting point.

Outside of that, I also utilize Amazon’s Affiliate program where I have an account setup to generate links. When these links are posted online (following Amazon guidelines) these links generate income when someone buys through your link on Amazon. The great thing about Amazon is they thank you for the referral. This means they can buy the product you suggested, a different (but similar) product, or something completely different altogether. This makes the Amazon program unique in that they thank you for bringing people through the door versus to a specific product.

I do have one last revenue stream that is less passive but it does have the potential to generate $1000 per month based on my experience. If you are interested in a video on that topic, please comment below.

Thank you for checking out this article and I hope you find more useful content on the website!


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