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Videos have been extremely limited due to some big life updates. Diving into me getting licensed, setting up and building out a new website and the exciting things that are coming up!

Video Breakdown

Liftingfamily welcome back! I’ve wanted to do videos like this for quite awhile where it’s more of a vlog style video. The plan was to update you on things that are going on in my life. There are a couple updates recently. One of the cool updates is that I actually started my own website. I’ve had a couple in the past and I actually went to a website I created in the past but they wanted me to buy it for around $10,000.


I picked up a new URL and based on some of the things that I focus on for the channel, it was best to use The focus of the channel has been on DIY gym equipment as well as buying and building out my home gym (which is kind of a DIY but in a different way). I didn’t want a URL that was too long and too difficult to find.

Licensed to sell

One of the other things that’s happened is that I recently became licensed to sell insurance (Property & Casualty, i.e. home and auto and similar lines). That was a huge stepping stone and a lot of stress for awhile. That meant things like videos took a little bit of a downturn because I had to focus on priorities. That primary focus being money to put food on the table. Property and casualty insurance is first and now Life and Health is underway, and I am planning to be licensed for that in the coming weeks.

That’s really why the pace of this channel has really slowed down a little bit. Plus as far as viewership I have been trying to figure out what exactly the subscribers want. I have actually been getting more subscribers based on old videos versus new videos. As far as the focus for future videos I want to make sure the videos are what I want to do rather than have to do. That way making videos remains fun and it doesn’t feel like work.


The big focus for the website is having an area where the videos are laid out and have a written portion. I think that the written portion is very important and can really help those that may be hearing impaired or having similar issues to still enjoy the content (Side note: granted this is not transcribed incredibly close to the actual video. Audio that is written out tends to be less structured and has less of a focus on proper sentence structure).

Plus I want an area where I can house all of these videos and all of this content. This is especially important because I’ve recently had issues with my external hard drive. This means that even some of the standard little additions I make to these videos are not available because where they are stored is now corrupt. So, if you have tips on how to fix that, comment down below!

The Future Plan

MYDIYGYM is going to be the focus of where I will be directing people and focusing my videos around. I will likely be mentioning mydiygym in videos just as a reminder that it’s available. One of the keys for this is that I want to have an Amazon Affiliate link where there is a hot deal. I will aim for this to be updated weekly, but if it gets attention I may change that daily.

Like this video (or this article for that matter), Comment down below if you have any questions, Subscribe to my channel ( Thank you for watching (reading) and as always, keep pushing!

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