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“Do you sell Peloton?” Was one of the more common questions received when I owned sold fitness equipment. This DIY Peloton Bike Setup will get you close to the real deal. Let’s dive in to the in’s and out’s along with some links.

Peloton has easily been the hottest fitness topic prior to 2020. If you check out their facebook page, chances are many of your friends like that page. If they haven’t liked it, they’ve at least mentioned the name. Peloton does have a pretty genius marketing plan that does tend to have a high spend, but they reel you in with deals. I am more of a DIY person, as you can tell, I developed a website around DIY concepts. Let’s get into putting together a DIY Peloton Bike.

Side note: This involves buying a few key items to get a rugged Peleton setup. We are not getting out the welding gear, just in case someone thought that is where this was headed (Grab your towel bud, thanks for stopping by).

Let’s get into the components (and links) for the bike. There’s nothing worse than going to a page for a recipe only to feel like you could’ve had the recipe complete by the time you were done reading this “really funny story about…”. Sorry, let’s get to the bike and hopefully google shows some favor for the simplicity here.

DIY Peloton Bike Setup

Let’s first start off with the Peloton bike itself and what we need to put it together (Side note: a bike will be on that list, it has to be so don’t get upset when it’s listed first). The goal here is value, but not as cheap as possible. The plan is to mirror it, but also offer options since some may be sold out at the time of your reading this article.

Why this bike?

The Peloton bike has a belt drive system versus the more traditional chain driven system. This bike also features a belt driven system. The Peloton bike has magnetic resistance and this bike also has magnetic resistance. The Peloton bike does come with a screen but this bike has a tablet holder. In my personal experience a rear drive system tends to have a more natural feel which gives the bike I’m suggesting a slight advantage (however the specifications of the bike total weight and flywheel weight are less favorable).

Peloton App Viewing

The Peloton system is all about following the ride on their built on screen setup. This setup is going to require your ability to stream the app from your tablet or phone. This bike does have a tablet holder built on which allows for more simplicity when connecting a tablet. Another option would be if you have this in a room with a TV capable of allowing you to stream the app to it. Apple has airplay but you can also use a dongle like Google’s Chromecast or a dongle that attaches to your iphone (which will require an additional HDMI cable). Outside of that, you will need your Peloton app subscription to access the content, but there are free 30+ day trials.

Tracking Setup

There are several things tracked via the Peloton app but what isn’t tracked is heart rate. The good thing is the instructors reference RPM’s or Cadence. There are two options below and one monitors Cadence and the other monitors Cadence and Speed. The bikes above do provide speed on the included monitor but some prefer the combo of the two.

There you have the basic setup. You can buy weights along with a stand so you can grab if needed, your own portable speaker to pump out the sound louder, a TV to mount on the wall to gain a wider more in-tune experience, but all of this is additional cost. This setup above is basic. I will include the additional suggested items below in a more streamlined list, but the above gets you going with the core essentials.

The Complete List Plus Suggested Items

I’ve just copied and pasted some detail in case people just skip to this and don’t heed the details above.

The setup here with the basic items all the way up to having all items on the list will range from just north of $500 to just under $700. That’s not bad considering the Peloton will set you back over three times that amount.


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