Dip Bars Upper Body Full Workout

It is time for another home workout video. This video is my dip bars upper body full workout video where I was able to get in a full workout while on my lunch break. The goal here was to make sure that I fatigued my upper body while using one piece of equipment.

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As always it is recommended that you seek the advise of your doctor or physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen. This video is not considered a recommendation for something you should follow. This video is a means for me to track progress and follow along in the future for a change in pace.

The workout starts off with a focus on the back and chest. I like to start with back movements as it helps prime my shoulders for exercise. I found that through years of focusing on bench pressing early on in my lifting life that this caused some shoulder rounding. I am combating this by making sure my primary movements are back (and posterior shoulder) related to help prime the shoulder joint. This allows for a more fluid motion when completing chest exercises.

The series moves further into the full body session by beginning to target more of the front delt as well as the triceps. That is complemented with more biceps motion as the workout moves toward the mid portion. The goal is to fatigue the entire upper body and burn a sufficient amount of calories. This is best accomplished with multi-joint (compound) movements.

The workout does finish off with more direct biceps and triceps work, but the goal is to incorporate as much compound related exercise as possible (for me). The workout wouldn’t be complete without some direct abdominal work as I have found this to greatly help reduce my back pain. As I’ve gotten older my lumbar spine tends to round more giving me a bit more of a dad bod look (more due to posture than anything). A strong abdomen has greatly reduced the pain I feel throughout everyday movements.

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