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Homemade Deadlift Platform with Band Attachments

How to build a budget friendly homemade deadlift platform with band attachments. If you want a pre-made platform, find it here on Amazon: Materials Needed -9 2″ x 4″ x8′ construction grade (or better) wood studs (6 uncut boards, 4 4′ sections, 2 2′ sections, and 4 1′ sections)-1 2″x3″x8″ -2 4’x8′ x 1/2″ Sheets Plywood (cut into 3 2’x6′ sections, the 2’x4′ -sections will be used as the top of the platform that you’ll stand on)-3 landscaping tiles (rubber) 16×16-1 Box T-25 2 3/4 Deck Screws (get a bit if you don’t have one)-1 Box 2inch finishing nailsOPTIONAL:-4 U-bolt’s (4″ or longer, optional if you want to use bands, or to add later)-2 320lb Carabiners (optional, if you…

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How to build a deadlift jack

It’s time to learn how to build a deadlift jack. I found some details online and decided to put together a video and a detailed article. You can watch the video to follow along and/or check out the detailed article below. Video correction: these are 3/4 inch pieces, video references a 1″ thickness. If you purchased 1″ pieces, that is completely fine and will work just the same. Materials Needed 1 – 3/4″ x 12″ galvanized pipe4 – 3/4″ x 2.5″ galvanized pipe4 – 3/4″ galvanized T pieces2 – 3/4″ elbow joints Instructions Start at the base with a T connector and attach (by screwing them together) the 12″ pipe to the middle hole in the T connector. Then attach…

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DIY Peloton Bike Setup – With Links – DIY Peloton

“Do you sell Peloton?” Was one of the more common questions received when I owned sold fitness equipment. This DIY Peloton Bike Setup will get you close to the real deal. Let’s dive in to the in’s and out’s along with some links. Peloton has easily been the hottest fitness topic prior to 2020. If you check out their facebook page, chances are many of your friends like that page. If they haven’t liked it, they’ve at least mentioned the name. Peloton does have a pretty genius marketing plan that does tend to have a high spend, but they reel you in with deals. I am more of a DIY person, as you can tell, I developed a website around…

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