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Life Updates – Insurance Licensed – MyDIYGym

Videos have been extremely limited due to some big life updates. Diving into me getting licensed, setting up and building out a new website and the exciting things that are coming up! Video Breakdown Liftingfamily welcome back! I’ve wanted to do videos like this for quite awhile where it’s more of a vlog style video. The plan was to update you on things that are going on in my life. There are a couple updates recently. One of the cool updates is that I actually started my own website. I’ve had a couple in the past and I actually went to a website I created in the past but they wanted me to buy it for around $10,000. New URL…

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2020 Mid Michigan Flood

Late May 18, 2020 the flooding began and the following days saw dams give way leading to an unprecedented level leading to the 2020 Mid Michigan Flood. The monetary damage is not yet known. What is known is that people in the area desperately need your help. Dam Failure In what has been an on-going saga for the residents in the Wixom Lake area, it has also hit home for those in Sanford and others in the wake of failing dams. This has been an ongoing issue that appears to have stemmed from issues related to the owner of the dam(s), Boyce Hydro. Boyce Hydro owns the Edenville, Sanford, Secord, and Smallwood dams. This had also led to the creation…

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RIP IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe

At just 30 years old, the world has lost IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe. It’s unfortunate to see another up and coming bodybuilder gone too soon. He was not only a bodybuilder but also a fellow LiftingDad given that he also was a father. RIP IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe. Luke’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/lukesandoe Luke Sandoe Short Bio Luke Sandoe made his pro debut at the 2017 Arnold Classic where he took a respectable 8th place finish. It was from that point on that we all grew to love Luke Sandoe as a competitor and person. He missed the 2018 Arnold Classic but took home an impressive 3rd place finish at the 2019 Arnold Classic (and depending on your thoughts there, he could…

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